Syria: “The Idlib massacre must mark the endpoint of the war”

No one can remain indifferent to the latest massacre of civilians that struck the Idlib region of Syria on 4 and 5  April. It has clearly been established that 72 persons, including many children, died in horrible suffering due to the use of chemical weapons, and another 170 were injured. The belligerent parties are accusing one another of carrying out this additional war crime; whatever the exact circumstances, the responsibility is fully shared.
The Syrian people have suffered enough.
Rather than putting an end to all negotiations, this horrific tragedy should on the contrary force all concerned parties to agree upon a general, indefinite ceasefire, and a political negotiation process under the auspices of the UN, binding upon each and every party to the conflict in Syria. Should this war continue, there will be no victors.
This is the message and the action that we expect from the UN Security Council. This would be a reaction that truly lives up to international aspirations.
International powers (the United States, Russia, France, the U.K.) as well as regional powers (Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel) will have to prove their capacity and determination to bring the conflict to a halt in order to maintain credibility with regard to public opinion in their own countries.
The survival of the Syrian people depends on it, as do the future of all the peoples of the Middle East, the struggle for a world at peace, and the elimination of the risk of escalation and general mayhem.
The French Communist Party hereby calls on President Hollande, the government of Bernard Cazeneuve and Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault to undertake all bi-lateral and multi-lateral initiatives necessary for achieving a ceasefire rapidly and opening peace negotiations, under the auspices of the UN, at once.
French Communist Party,
Paris 5 April 2017

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