French departmental elections (locals) : #PCF-FDG, the third political force with 176 county councilors

After the second round of the departmental elections, the Front de gauche (Left Front) have 176 county councilors in France, including 167 member of the French communist party. The French communist party and the Left Front (Front de gauche) are therefore the third political force in terms of elected officials, behind the UMP-UDI (right), PS(socialist), and far ahead of the FN (right extremist).
2 times 3, when a pair FDG was present at the second round he won, demonstrating the great capacity of gathering candidates.
The Val-de-Marne (region on Paris) that many commentators from politics heralded as lost for the left, keeps its majority and a communist president. It is a policy of social progress for its people and that is confirmed in the polls.

French Communist Party,
Paris, 30 March 2015.


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