Recognition of the Palestinian state by French National Assembly, "This is the voice of law has prevailed" (Pierre Laurent)

The vote in the french National Assembly and the adoption of the resolution in favor of the recognition of the Palestinian state by 339 votes against 151 marks a day of rejoicing for all those who struggle for peace and justice for so many years. The Communists welcome the step taken by the French deputies, a step that was expected of them by all pacifists who want the success of a two-state solution. It is the voice of law prevailed.
In the Senate on December 11, particularly at the initiative of the Communists and Republican senators, a resolution will be put to debate. MEPs will vote on them in December at the initiative of the Group of the European United Left (GUE-NGL) and Socialist and Democrat Group (S & D).
The Palestinian Authority will submit to the UN Security Council a draft resolution calling for the Israeli withdrawal, within two years, the Palestinian territories. France has major responsibilities of its position permanent member of the Security Council. Pressing the request of the Palestinian Authority, France can regain a positive role on the international stage. The time has passed for procrastination.
This is why the French Communist Party called today to amplify the mobilization, and with the National Collective for a Just and Sustainable Peace between Palestinians and Israelis (CNPJDPI) will provide tools petition and activists keep pressure on the French government.
The time has come, François Hollande, for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. Recognition of the State of Palestine is now!

Pierre Laurent, national secretary of the PCF,
Paris, 2 December 2014.


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Recognition of the Palestinian state by French National Assembly,

le 02 décembre 2014

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