Pierre Laurent´s speech on the main stage of the 2013's L'Humanité festival.

Only the speech is authentic

People of the festival,

People of the Humanity and of fraternity,

People who know that brave men aren't the ones who are bombing countries, but the ones who are trying to avoid bombings. I am happy to be with you this afternoon, brothers and sisters of humanity.

Be proud because here and around, together, we are free.


Listen to these words:

" It is not only about avoiding a war, but a whole range of conflicts provoked in the name of a world order that is unilaterally decided by one super-power.

This intervention would make American unilateralism reality; US would then be the only one able to decide of the fate of the world, according to their own criteria or interests.

In these circumstances, the current crisis is decisive. If it ends up by the use of force, the process will never stop. New crisis will arise and it won't be possible anymore to stop the American strategy on the world scale.

However, if it ends up thanks to a negotiation in the UN, the international community will be reinforced. "

These are the words that a Member of Parliament called Francois Hollande pronounced in the House of Parliament just before the war in Iraq on 26th February 2003.

These are your own words Mister President: are you amnesiac, Mister President? Because these are you own words which are condemning your own current policy.

No, we don't want this new war!

Yesterday, in Iraq, US intervened. Against the international law, against people of the world, against polls, against reason, and ten years later, war is still bringing chaos, injustice and pain in the Near and Middle East.

US would like to be the only one to decide of the fate of the world. Would you like that France accept to do so as well?

France lowers itself when she obeys. France lowers itself when she renounces. Our role, the role of our country is to undertake its universalist vocation. Braveness is when you accept that the only fight we have to lead is the fight for peace.

Yes, here, at this tribune of Jean Jaures’s newspaper, we carry on the fight for peace whereas a part of left parties are forgetting their roots and responsibilities.

Listen to Jaurès, listen to his words in Albi. I quote: "I dare to say, with millions of men, that now the big human peace is possible."

As Jaurès said yesterday, I dare to say, with millions of men and women, with a great majority of world nations, that peace is possible and requires that the biggest nations stop sharing the world between themselves and finally begin to work for the people interest.

I think about Syria. I think about Lebanon. I think about Mali. I think about Iran. I think about Afghanistan. And of course I think about Palestine.

No, the solution is not about weapons, these are imperialist dominations, this shared development, it's agriculture to feed the whole world, and it is demilitarization, education and democracy!

Mister President, I am asking it to you again, don't let France go to war without asking the members of Parliament; don't add French attacks to Syria's horrible civil war. The world should hear again France's independent voice and hard work for a political solution and a democratic transition in Syria.USA/ Russia's resolution opened a door to it. You have to work to make it happen if we want to free Syrian people from Bashar el Assad's tyrannical and bloody regime, ban humanity crimes repetition which is killing the country.

We have to negotiate a general ceasefire to support disarmament of the regime and jihadists and to impose an international summit for a democratic transition in Syria.

No, naive people are not the ones who want to prevent war, today naive people are the ones who sell weapons to extremists faction and Talibans and anti laics.

Naive people are the ones who give local chiefs weapons who are violent and are determined. And naive people are the ones who tomorrow will cry crocodile tears on Syria's women's right.

No, those who are playing cow boys forget that the world has changed, and that is a fact in South America, in Africa, on the Asian continent, new voices emerge and refuse occidental super powers' diktat.

Yes, you will have to get along with that fact, world has changed, you are not the only one to lead and now the time has come we have to think about building a world democracy.

No, western countries are not the world by themselves. Even the G20 is not always obeying to US anymore. We want, that every nation, every people have a legal right on the world future among the United Nations.

Allow me to tell you that whereas weapon business is flourishing, and our canon sellers have never been so prosperous, France's first responsibility is to act in order to stop weapon business and proliferation of all mass destruction weapons that are chemical, biological and military weapons.

21th September 2013 will be celebrated as world peace day. On That day, we have to carry on going into actions with peace movements and peacekeepers to remind people that war should never prevail on dialog and diplomacy.

My friends, you know I don't criticize the government's current policy with pleasure. I don't criticize a left government because I would be sectarian. I don't criticize our President because of any kind of fever or because I would like to play games or because I am an opportunist.

We do criticize left wing parties in power exactly because left wing parties have to do their duties for the nation.

Never has the economic power so much concentrated among so few hands in our country as well as on the world scale. Never so few banks, shareholders of speculative funds have had such a great influence on billion of human beings.

Never money has had such a great power on nations.

My friends, I would be a real bad political leader if I criticize the government for some personal reasons.

No, mister President, mister the prime minister, we are criticizing you because your policy is a long renouncement that our people never wanted.

Yes my friends, we have to go back to fight against the finance world, we need a new policy for France. That is our goal! We have to get a new government contract, a new government, to find a new way for our country.

And then which policy for France?

I am going to surprise you but I would like to promote competitiveness. Social competitiveness. The only development criteria I would accept is common well-being, "human first»! Yes we should become the best ones : let's offer a better education, higher wages, better public services. The role of economy is to serve the society and not the other way around. France must stop being the finance slave; we have to free ourselves, free France and Europe!

To the journalists, my colleagues because I once was a journalist, I must confess something: conformism that is nowadays dominating the media is killing me.

I often watch on TV these kinds of debates where there are always only two choices: are you for the work costs reduction or only for the work costs reduction... Suspense...

If you always invite the same people who repeat the same liberal song, in the end all the Medias are just absorbed by the prevalent speech and they just don't have to do anything anymore with the true world.

Why do we never see on TV or in the newspapers' columns, except of course in the "Humanity", what I am about to tell you? I will only give you some official statistics, from a government source: private companies in France have paid more than 309 billion Euros of financial, shareholding and bank fees against only 143 billion Euros for social contributions.

I repeat again. Is everybody seated? They are breaking our heads every day repeating that work costs and social contributions are too high whereas banks and shareholders are costing them the double price. So you know, it looks like you would have a bloody noise and a broken arm and the doctor would only cure your bloody noise.

Is that a dream? I am telling you: we have to stop the blood!

In the name of the "left front" I am going to make you a proposal. Let's look at the problem as it is. They are talking about work costs, let's calculate it all and we will talk about capital costs. Let's launch a national campaign on truth.

We have to oppose frankly capital costs/ work costs; statistics against statistics, arguments against arguments in the whole country.

Let's launch a national campaign of explanations and revelations on financial capital costs for France.

And I would like to propose something:

Ladies and gentlemen of public French TV, of the channel TF1, of the channel Canal Plus, of M6 and others: instead of your programs called "have French people too high wages?" I would like to propose you to open a new debate "get the shareholders too much dividends?" Or «should we end the system of private banks". I have another idea: why wouldn't we try "How much does fiscal evasion cost to France?”. As we are talking about it, I propose to rich people a new version of the program Kohlanta: try to live with the minimum wage!

Yes, let's move onto the offensive with all the left wing parties; let's launch a great movement for popular education and for a fight against financial capital in the whole country.

I would like to tell some words about taxes. It has been several decades that a minority of people is cheating, committing tax fraud, and is practicing fiscal evasion without being punished. Official reports are indicating a number of 50 to 60 billion Euros.

Fiscal rules are made to spare the ones who have everything, to allow mass evasion of benefits made by multinational companies toward fiscal paradises.

How long will we ask French women and French men, workers to pay always more taxes while those who have everything are exempted of these same taxes?

There is no left government without fiscal justice.

There is no left government without wealth sharing.

We are not against the fact of paying taxes if it is aiming at more justice and more public services, if it is to get more teachers, nurses and work controllers, more judges and policemen; but in our case it is all the way around! There are asking us to pay more whereas social regression is going on. In fact these additional fiscal taxes are used to pay the interests of banks which are already filled with money. These taxes increases are a direct bank transfer from the bank account of workers, of our bank accounts, to the banks and shareholders’ bank accounts. It is not tolerable!

I belong to the left wing parties which like taxes when they are fair. But today, I refuse these new rises of taxes because they are just one more injustice.

Let's tax banks and shareholders and stop taxing workers.

I have a new idea for pensions. We are offering 200 billion Euros each year to the companies that are exempted of social contributions. What for? To enlarge profits, cut employments. Why not changing the system? Suppress this system and replace it by another one : organize social contributions according to employment and wage.

My friends, allow me to ask you something: would those among the young people here who believe that they won't get any pensions' right put their hands up?

Here is the problem. A majority of people think they won't have the right to get a pension.

The government is making everything to keep us quiet, and let us think that we just avoided the worst. In reality, the pension reform is a tsetse reform: just like a fly. She makes you asleep and you will never wake up. That's "good night kids»: as soon as you close your eyes, bang, you will be stunned. Wake up! Fight!

Of course there are some promised progresses for women, for hard work employees and for young people.  We will check during the parliamentary debate if these are only promises. We will propose to transform these promises into rights that will be written in the law.

Let's meet on September 18th in front of the Elysee with all organizations of young people of this country.

I repeat it: there is money.

Give the same wage to men and women who are still paid 25% less than men would bring 10 billion of Euros that could be allocated to the pension system.

Tax financial revenues on the same scale than work and then you will get immediately 25 billion for our country budget.

If we stop employers’ exemptions and here again you will get 30 billion Euros.

In total that's 65 billion Euros per year. We are looking for 7 billion only. That's a theft. 

To conclude: the attack of the pension system is a theft.

Friends, comrades,

I would like to talk about the future of the Left Front.

It is been almost five years that the left front has been created. A new hope is born. We are proud of the work that we have accomplished.

Work is far from being achieved. Should we carry on? Do you want to carry on with us?

Work is far from being achieved. We have to reinvent the left wing parties. We want to change it to unify it!

I am often asked the question: so, between the left front and the left wing parties what do you choose? My answer is simple, we want it all! All! We want that the majority of left wing people, that the majority of people take the power!

I think of this Francois Hollande's voter that I met, and who imagined that with her vote, the country would finally change. I think of all ecologists voters who are now feeling cheated.

Will we all of us stay at home and remain locked with our convictions? No, it is time to act! The left front is not a chapel; the left front is an ambition: the ambition that left wing parties meet again the people and that people seize the left. You are the solution! Don't let our rallies work down. It is the key of change. The left front has to be the front that helps all those who think that left parties has abandoned them.

The best present we could offer to the nationalists’ party is to abandon, to let things go.

To all my friends of the left front, of the French communist party and to you all I want to tell you: it is time to act.

I am in front of you because I believe in a popular left. I am in front of you because I believe that thousands of door-to-door conversations are more worth than an interview on TV. And I want to send a simple message to these millions of socialists voters: help us because that will help you too; join the left front because you will help the left! Our country needs us to stand up to ask for a change!

And the first change is to avoid doing political policies, is to extract ourselves from political aims. Municipal elections are coming soon. They will be decisive.

To build about 500 000 additional public housing, to open health centers, to build new means of public transport, to build new solidarities when the society is tearing them apart, I am ready to participate to the largest rally of left parties whenever it will be in the interest of the people. If we need to participate to unions that would unify all kinds of left parties here, and to participate to smaller union of the left front there to reach our goal, then I am ready!

Those who are trying to bring us into conflict or to divide us, because of the fact that we might make a choice here and another one there, are mistaking. Our goal is everywhere the same: make our rally effort efficient enough to improve the life of our citizens.

Because make an union with this person or that person to obtain a seat a representative of people is just a means, a simple means. From my point of view, the only union that counts is the one that allow families to find a home, children to get a good education, citizens to be protected thanks to good public services.

Don't ask me to choose my side, I have already chosen: my side, my unique side is the one of the common wealth, and I will never consider personal or political interests as above to the common well being.

The only problem of the left front, its only one goal, its reason of existence is to protect and serve French people.

Friends, comrades,

I would like to conclude with solemnity.

There is in the air a heavy smell, very bad small. This smell is the one of hatred, of disdain, of nationalism. The bad smell which only sees on workers ‘faces their skin color. This strong smell is racism, brown violence; Marine Le pen's perfume which dangerously intoxicates right wing parties.

Francois Fillon just dishonored himself. This former prime minister has left the republican side when he declared that the nationalist party and the left front were equal

Francois Fillon, with your perfect son-in-law style, the blue color used by the nationalists suits you perfectly.

Look at them, look how they deny the heritage of General de Gaulle. Look at these men and women in the right wing parties that are ready to eat together in the trough of the nationalists, ready to lose their honor and dignity for a plate of lentils.

Indeed we have never been so worried about the fact that bad is becoming ordinary and racists people are not ashamed anymore, that the French Muslims are now the whipping boy of the daily life of some political leaders and not only from the nationalist party!

Dear friends, I will never accept that the friend of my daughter, whose grand parents are immigrants, this French child don't stop being asked every day this awful question : where do you come from?

Stop talking about origins, about skin color, about hiring discriminations about these constant controls!

I take on the responsibility to say that I am for equality for all, whatever the place where they are born, for the rights for immigrants, for the right to vote.

Yes, I take on this responsibility because by continually using doublespeak, equivocating and procrastinating, the left is losing its own values.

I take on the responsibility. In the framework of secularism I am for the respect of each believer, whatever his religion.

It is not time anymore to step backward, we need to go ahead on the way to the truth : France' s problem is not immigration but the social and economic crisis, and the costs and wastes of the capital.

With more employment, more justice and more equality France will feel better!

Citizens, always complaining people, fighting people, outraged people, rebellious people, citizens, workers, peasants, students, managers, teachers, jobless, the country needs you.

The country needs that a new determined and fighting force appears on the social and political scene.

Citizen anytime the country is in a bad situation, that he is falling into the indecisiveness, That its political leaders are too hesitant to fight against the fate, people is the one who has to take the decision.

Walk, walk and they will follow you all. Walk, stand up and the left will be the left again.

Walk, unite and together let's take our future into our hands.


Long live the French communist party

Long live the left front (Front de gauche)

Long live the Republic


And long live France.

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