Pierre Laurent´s speech on the main stage of the 2013's L'Humanité festival.

Only the speech is authentic

People of the festival,

People of the Humanity and of fraternity,

People who know that brave men aren't the ones who are bombing countries, but the ones who are trying to avoid bombings. I am happy to be with you this afternoon, brothers and sisters of humanity.

Be proud because here and around, together, we are free.


Listen to these words:

" It is not only about avoiding a war, but a whole range of conflicts provoked in the name of a world order that is unilaterally decided by one super-power.

This intervention would make American unilateralism reality; US would then be the only one able to decide of the fate of the world, according to their own criteria or interests.

In these circumstances, the current crisis is decisive. If it ends up by the use of force, the process will never stop. New crisis will arise and it won't be possible anymore to stop the American strategy on the world scale.

However, if it ends up thanks to a negotiation in the UN, the international community will be reinforced. "

These are the words that a Member of Parliament called Francois Hollande pronounced in the House of Parliament just before the war in Iraq on 26th February 2003.

These are your own words Mister President: are you amnesiac, Mister President? Because these are you own words which are condemning your own current policy.

No, we don't want this new war!

Yesterday, in Iraq, US intervened. Against the international law, against people of the world, against polls, against reason, and ten years lat