Legislative elections: Declaration of the French Communist Party

The French people will be able to count on 11 communist members of parliament (in parenthesis, the number of the département they represent): Jean-Paul Dufrègne (03), Pierre Dharréville (13), André Chassaigne (63), Fabien Roussel (59) et Alain Bruneel (59), Jean-Paul Lecoq (76), Sébastien Jumel (76) et Hubert Wulfranc (76), Elsa Faucillon (92), Marie-George Buffet (93), Stéphane Peu (93), and on the other members of parliament who will join them to form an opposition group to speak out freely and fight for the pubic interest. Communist MPs will start working this week on building this group and will act without delay to support alternative proposals that were developed during their campaigns.

The PCF – Left Front group (GDR) is the only group that has progressed.

The alarm bells are sounding for democracy, with voter participation levels at a new low.

The French Communist Party urgently demands that we open a national debate on changing our institutions, beginning with a proportional system for elections. It is time to rethink everything and in particular to turn back the clock on the inflation of the presidency so that our citizens in all their diversity are better represented.

The election results confirm that the President will have an overwhelming majority in the Assembly. The paradox is that this does not correspond to a majority of voters, a majority of employees, of young people or the unemployed who aspire to job security and training for a dignified life.

This is disturbing. We call for an immediate, broad response to prevent this summer from turning into a catastrophe.

MPs from En Marche ! will be expected to spend the summer months obeying every command from the President and the Prime Minister, handing full powers to them, to better serve financial interests and the MEDEF employers’ union, to dismantle the Labour Code through executive orders, and to eradicate all of the advances gained by the committed work of progressive, popular movements in our country.

The results also call for mobilization of the forces of social transformation, to begin the huge job of political reconstruction.

The French Communist Party will be making decisions at a National Council on 23 and 24 June.

The annual Fête de l'Humanité, in September, will be a high point for building the response and undertaking reconstruction.

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